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Oct 7, 2012 9:00pm PDT
both candidates are enjoying new momentum tonight. governor romney is drawing his biggest crowd yet. >> 9,000 supporters jammed the town square, 6,000 last night, all ready to turn the president out of office. >> you hear hisnswers or non-answers. now, of course, days later we are hearin hi excuses and nxt january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> team romney is feeling the momentum from his debate performance and obama campaign is admitting even the president realizes he didn't perform at his peak. >> i think you can assume he reviewed the tape and it will inform how he handled these subsequent debate. >> the unemployment rate went below 78% and he broken record by raising $181 million just in septemr. it's an issue from the debate >> governo romney' central economic plan calls for a five trillion tax cut. >> i don't have a five trillion tax cut. >> that has campaigns arguing. what is the truth? romney does want to cut tax rates, that would reduce revenue by five trillion over ten years. he would offset the loss by eliminating loopholes and deduction
Oct 12, 2012 11:30am PDT
effective tax than governor romney pays in his federal income tax. >> reporter: the moderator martha raddatz set it was more intimate. >> the jabs felt more personal. >> reporter: both sides claiming victory as they head back on the campaign trail to rally more support. debate was a tie. biden brought energy the democrats wanted and ryan brought seriousness the republicans needed. >> reporter: romney and ryan are campaigning to the in ohio. biden is hitting the trail in wisconsin with anticipation building for the second presidential debate next week. broken did hit, abc news, kentucky. >> next debate -- hofstra university in new york. abc 7 will carry it live at 6 p.m.. >> union the winner of this year's nobel peace prize. the committee made the announcement this morning a -- a choice that celebrates the eu for france moring most of europe from a continent of wars to a continent of peace. the decision is being met with a mix of praise and shock. the eu has come under fire for its happening of the debt crisis. >>> weekend is almost here ii showers very light then sunshine and warmer
Oct 12, 2012 9:00pm PDT
wants. so it's the facts have to be marshall under a larger theme. i think both sides need to do that better than they have so far. >>reporter: professor cain think that is both the president and governor romney need to do a better job of articulating that vision and what happened in the vice-presidential debate just up the stake for the next presidential debate. in the newsroom, 7 news. >>> debate moderated by abc news reporter martha so what could she see that we could not see from home? >> i think one of the things about being at that table it's so intimate so when joe biden is smiling or when joe is raising his voice a bit it's really in your face. it was really in paul ryan face. they were watching the clock so carefully. the opening statements of 2 minutes with each question. they would always fill those 2 minutes exactly. they were both taking notes. this is what vice president biden wrote down he had no apology. egyptian people. aq meaning al qaeda bob gates former secretary of defense effective and then i don't know what those other 2 words were saying. >>reporter: interestin
Oct 14, 2012 9:00pm PDT
think he'll make adjustments on tuesday. >> rob portman has been romney's debate partner. >> she is going to come out swinging. he will have to compensate for a poor first debate. >> it could present challenges. neither candidate has held many events like this. >> both candidates have to tread lightly because if they are going on the offense too aggressively with each other, that can spill over into the audience and make them look too combative. >> so getting aggressive could be a tricky balancing act. >> can the question is, can he walk the tightrope and not cross the line. >> reporter: romney needs to reach out the audience and viewers at home. >> conventional wisdom that he is not as good as connecting with voters as the president might be. we'll see how he handles it in this debate. >> terry: that next debate is tuesday. president obama and mitt romney meet at university in new york. this one will be a townhall meeting format. we'll carry it live starting at 6:00 p.m. >> few people have seen the earth from 124,000 feet up. the world's highest jump and he tells us about 833 miles
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4